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based on a true story #ashadowmovie

Hi, I'm Rayn, a filmmaker from the Netherlands. I went to Hollwood to made this trailer within 1 week. I did all everything on my own! 🤠

Based on a true story. A shadow lives in our society that disrupts the balance in this world. Help us make this movie! A Shadow is a horror concept trailer made to recruit crowdfunders to help us make the full movie. You can support us through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Stay tuned, the crowdfunding will be live soon! Written and Directed by: Rayn Milardo Berkhout

The aim of the A Shadow is a concept to produce and publish a full movie. To achieve this goal, financing must be secured. It was decided to raise money through crowdfunding. To encourage people to donate money via crowdfunding, a teaser must first be created. This gives them an idea of what kind of production One Army Film (my own video company) wants to make. With this production, One Army Film wants to put the Netherlands on the map in the film world. Research has shown that there are hardly any “successful” Dutch films or productions in the international film market. One Army Film is going to change that.


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