A young couple is moving in to a new home in 1998. The woman is expecting a baby. They both are happy to make a new start with their baby. After the boy is born, it feels as if someone else is still present in the house. In the baby room there is a big shadow, the shadow has a creepy hand and touches the baby. The parents hear a loud stamping sound and hear the baby cry. The parents run to the baby’s room, but they don’t see anybody in the room. 

The story  continues 18 years later. The camera introduces a new person, an 18 year old boy. What has happened in all these years? His father is no longer there. His mother is very ill. The boy tries hard to fit in a group like everyone else. It turns out that the friends he has at school are fake, they do everything to belong in a group. He hardly has any friends. 


He suffers from a presence that is haunting him in his nightmares. The nightmares are getting worse. When he shares his nightmare with his only friend, a classmate, it seems like his friend doen’t understand him. He tells his classmate that something bad is going to happen, that will shock the world. His classmate thinks he is being funny. A few days later, he is watching TV at home. He sees that something really bad has happened. There were 58 deaths at an event. As he continues to watch the news, he sees a huge shadow. He recognizes the shadow from his nightmares. It has recognizable red eyes. So the story of A Shadow begins…..